How O P E N are you really?

How often are you allowing yourself to be fully open?

Being open means that you are willing to experience life to its fullest capacity.

That means EVEN when you get triggered.

It’s natural to want to protect yourself: we shut down, run away, lash out, push it down, or hold on to it for dear life.

But what happens when you close yourself off like that?

Think about all of the emotions you go through in a day… a year… your whole life!

Imagine how many times you have tried to protect yourself by resisting feeling an unpleasant emotion.

Where do all those emotions go?

Emotions are a form of energy. So just like when you turn off a light switch & electricity cannot flow; when you close yourself off, energy cannot flow -- through you.

When energy cannot flow, it gets stuck.

When energy gets stuck, blockages form.

When blockages form, they show up as even stronger emotions, limiting beliefs, and physical symptoms.

Start by checking in with yourself regularly.

1. Observe what you are feeling in that moment and where it is living in your body.

2. Ask yourself,

Where is this emotion coming from?

What is it trying to tell me?

How does it help me to hold on to this feeling? (anger, resentment, fear, sadness, etc)

3. Place your hand on your heart (or other part of the body), close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

4. Allow yourself to feel the emotion. Let it be there. Feeling it is part of being human.

The more you stop trying to control it by ignoring it, hiding it, fighting it, feeding it, clinging to it, then the easier it will be for you to see what it was telling you so it can pass.

Emotions don’t need to get trapped and live with you forever. It doesn’t serve any of us!

Staying open allows energy to flow freely which helps you to be open to receiving new opportunities, new love, new levels of connection.

Drop in with yourself & notice what you're feeling right now <3

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