Live from your soul


Reiki, Intuitive Coaching



I will help you go from feeling stuck in self-doubt,

 to living a soul-aligned life of

magic & freedom.

True healing & transformation takes time.

I'm passionate about empowering YOU to take the reins of  your own self-healing and spiritual journey.

Whether you are looking for guidance in attracting your soulmate or soul tribe, or living in alignment with your soul's purpose, it all starts by tuning in.

Tuned In:

45 min Intuitive Reading +

Guided Meditation

As an open channel, these sessions are designed for you to receive guidance + clarity as you tune in to your intuition and spirit guides. 

Tarot cards are used to read the energy of situations, while an individualized guided meditation helps you find clarity for next steps.

Energy has no boundaries!

Sessions are done in person or via phone for your convenience.

Reiki Healing:

60 min Chakra Balancing + Energy Healing 

Experience hands-on or distance reiki energy healing.


Reiki is a powerful Japanese healing modality that helps to rebalance your body's natural life-force energy flow. Reiki helps to clear away blockages in our bodies that cause emotional, mental and physical ailments, stress, disease, and the inability to move forward. Reiki will leave you feeling more rested, balanced, light, connected, and clear.

Reiki sessions can be done in person (based in Huntington Beach, CA) or over the phone. 

*New Client Special!* Save 20%


Peaceful Package

Customized Art & Energy Healing Experience

This multi-faceted 3 part package is a unique way to bring healing into your life.


1. We will start with an 1:1 Reiki + Energy Healing Session. Based on this session, we will determine which energy centers in your body to continue working on.


2. I will create a customized alcohol ink painting with the colors that are most intuitively healing for you.


3. You will also receive a customized energy healing package of hand-picked crystals, affirmation cards, and Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils to integrate ongoing energy healing & empowerment into your life. 


1:1 Intuitive Life Coaching

Weekly 60 min private sesions (via zoom call or in person)

(2x) self-healing + intuitive guidance

(2x) accountability + practices

[ 3 month commitment ]

A combination of reiki energy healing, intuitive readings,

guided meditations, mindfulness + law of attraction practices, accountability

[Sessions are fully customized for you + your intentions]

Unlimited communication & support via email & voxer

Personalized energy balancing kit (essential oils, crystals affirmation cards)

This is for you if you are ready to:

  • experience deep healing that leaves you feeling balanced, grounded, and clear

  • receive support and guidance as you learn and practice self-healing techniques

  • clear away energetic blockages and trapped emotions that have been holding you back

  • identify the root of triggers & old patterns, and learn to truly heal and rewire them

  • take steps towards living your soul’s purpose 

  • feel a deeper connection with your higher self and your spirit guides

  • trust your intuition and use it to make empowered decisions

  • improve your relationship with yourself and others by activating your voice & setting healthy boundaries

I invite you to imagine what your life would look like 3 months from now if you said YES to committing to yourself.

This is the most in-depth way of working together.

I only accept 3 clients for 1:1 coaching at a time,

so I can energetically show up for you FULLY.

Are you ready? 

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Discovery Call! 

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