Hi, I'm Pina


I'm here to

teach, heal, inspire & create 

Where do I even start?

Well, I guess you can say it started with my most powerful, intelligent, best friend:


My intuition.


Five years ago I felt the inexplicable urge to leave Boston and move across the country to california, alone. 

I wasn't sure what I would find here, but I knew I was meant to take a leap. It felt like I was searching for something. I didn't know what it was, But I knew I'd know when I found it.

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. And so I did just that. I received my Bachelors and Masters degree in Elementary & Special Education from Boston University and began teaching right away. I spent nearly a decade as a full-time teacher serving low income schools across the country as an advocate for all students, especially those with special needs.


I felt passionate about the work I was doing and had learned that real transformations with my students happened through building authentic relationships, meeting each individual where they were at, and helping them use their strengths to shine. 

I never imagined that I'd leave working in schools until I felt another intuitive call.

This time it was a call to dive in deep within myself;

to commit to my healing, my growth, my happiness.

For years, I battled depression, self-doubt, and feeling like my deeply felt emotions were an uncontrollable curse. I felt trapped by my own mind. I let myself become a victim to my reality and I didn't want to let these things define me any longer.

So I went internal. I immersed myself in my healing.

Art. Reiki. Mindfulness. Yoga. Circles. Shadow Work. Inner Child Healing.

The deeper I went, the more clarity I found, and the more inner peace I felt.

Then my intuition spoke up again.

You are a teacher and a healer.

You need to share these gifts with kids and adults.

This is your purpose.

The more connected I had become to myself, the easier it was to distinguish between the resistance of my fears and the guidance of my intuition.

So when she also said,

"Quit your job and start your own business."

I listened then too.

And so Peaceful by Pina was born.

Through my career as a Special Educator, I know that there isn't ONE right way to learn. We don't all fit in one box. The more we learn what makes us, US, the more we are able to shine. 

Through my creative and intuitive nature, I empower others to become tuned in to themselves through energy healing practices and creative expression.​

I use my expertise in teaching to easily identify areas of challenge, while helping kids and adults amplify their unique strengths.

I believe that everyone can learn and grow, 

everyone deserves to feel inspired and confident,

and that we are all creative, intuitive beings with our own innate gifts to share.

I would love to work, 

(& play) with you.